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Syngenta Lawsuit

Vonachen Syngenta Team Partners with Jim Lucie of Macomb

After our first Open House held April 9th, 2015 at Attorney Lucie’s office, we are excited to announce the next steps in our Syngenta Litigation. Meeting Macomb county corn producers gave us firsthand knowledge of the concerns many have about joining this suit. While we understand there are many firms to choose from - very large, national ones - the Vonachen Syngenta Team, with Attorney Lucie, is here for those who appreciate local, face to face interactions. Please click HERE to learn about our thoughts on the latest news and developments and see our upcoming events.

Recoverable Damages for Illinois Corn Producers

Shipments containing unapproved Syngenta Viptera corn led to a ban on all U.S. exported corn to China by the Chinese Government in February of 2014. 

 This ban affected all corn producers, even those who did not use Viptera corn seed.  If you harvested corn in 2013 and 2014, we will help you navigate the pending Mass Action lawsuit against Syngenta. 

Please contact us to begin the evaluation process and help you claim the compensation you could be entitled to. 

Call our Syngenta Team at 309.676.8986 or email them at Syngenta@vltslaw.com.

Onglyza Diabetes Drug May Increase Death Rate

As reported in several news outlets in the past few days, the FDA reviewed preliminary data regarding Onglyza, class DPP-4 inhibitors finding a post-market study showing the drug increased heart failure hospitalizations by 27%. This study is also reported to show an increase in overall mortality rates.

The Mass Tort Litigation Team of Vonachen is investigating this development and is accepting cases for review. Please call our Team, led by Attorney M. Michael Waters at 309.676.8986